Thoughts on Creating a Successful White Room

By kimberly

They're everywhere - those bright, beautiful, clean, airy spaces with white walls. Even though I love to work and live with color, I can see why white rooms are so appealing.


You want one too? I say you can do it, but there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind to have a successful white room.

1. The biggest player in a white room is natural light. What makes white rooms so special is that they feel bright and airy, and without a lot of natural light your white walls will feel dingy and dirty no matter how bright your white paint is. And nobody wants that.


My family room (above) is the only room in my house I painted white. It has a southern exposure and it is bathed in light all day long! The paint color I used is Benjamin Moore Moonlight White. It has just enough yellow in it to keep it from going cold.

2. Size matters. Especially where white rooms are concerned. A white room just works better in a larger space because it naturally lends itself to a feeling of volume and airiness.


My family room is also the largest room in my house, which really gives the white walls an opportunity to bounce the light around.

3. Add in some texture.


Sea grass rugs, iron coffee tables, and natural wood tones all work beautifully with white walls.

Considering white walls but worried you might miss having some color? Don't be concerned because

Art - it looks fantastic on white walls.


so do fun, colorful fabrics,


and rugs! Particularly the aged, highly patterned variety.


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