At the Green Room Interiors we create rooms that are much more than a pleasing combination of colors and fabrics. We create well designed homes that welcome you and just feel "right". 

When you come home at the end of a long and stressful work day, is it tranquility you crave? Order? Solace? Or maybe you’d like to come home to a bright, happy space that energizes you - lifts your spirits. 

We create rooms that evoke emotion! 

So what about the colors, the fabrics, and the furnishings? Of course these are very important to the success of your room, but these design elements are carefully chosen to create the mood you want in your home and to look beautiful while doing so. 

We craft spaces that recharge your battery and bring more joy to your daily living. Our designs feel comfortable, sophisticated and always like “home”.

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If you're considering a home improvement project and you'd like to see an example of the quality of our work, go here