Your Questions Answered - Why Hire A Decorator

Does this sound familiar?

You get all heart eye smiley faces when pinning your favorite rooms, but you just don't know how to create that sort of magic in your own home.


You have a pretty good idea of what you want to create in your own home, but your full-time job and the demands of motherhood leave you little to no time to get your house decorated. And another Saturday at the paint store looking at 200 chips of gray paint does not top your list of favorite things to do.


It's all so overwhelming. You kind of love the sofa you saw while furniture shopping last weekend but then what rug would be best to use with that couch and should you do 2 more chairs or a loveseat? Maybe instead you should just get a sectional.


All of these questions (and more) can be resolved with the help of a professional Interior Decorator.

The Big Picture - Designers take a big picture approach to your room, starting with a Design Plan that addresses how your room functions (aka the layout), and reflects your most stylish self. I can't stress enough the importance of having a Design Plan to follow. Having a plan eliminates all of the confusion and gives us a clear blueprint to follow to create your special space.


Money - so what happens if you pull the trigger on that fabulous $5,000 sectional only to discover that it's waaaaay too big for your family room? It didn't look that big in the store, and now it's money down the drain! A design professional will save you from costly mistakes by measuring your room down to the fraction of the inch to ensure that your furniture will fit and that your room will address your needs in the most stylish way.


Designers can also help stretch your budget by scouting out a stylish estate sale find that will coexist perfectly with a super fancy piece of furniture!


Creativity - This is a big one. We look at your room with fresh eyes and can visualize a space that the typical homeowner just can't conceive. As creative thinkers, we dream up ways to use furniture in unexpected ways, and we can take your wishes and turn them into a space that reflects your style - only way beyond what you could create for yourself.


Finishing Touches. That final layer of accessories is key to telling your story and reflecting your personality. Designers can artfully display your personal treasures in a way that is beautiful and personal, creating a space that is "all you".


And some final thoughts - yes, decorating your home is an investment. Stuff is expensive, but when you consider what you get in return (peace of mind, a home that nurtures you and creates a welcoming mood for your guests) then it's an investment in your quality of life that brings with it an enormous amount of value. Home is your refuge, and it deserves the time and attention required to make it as unique and special as those who live in it.

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xo Kim

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