A Bunk Room For Everyone

Today we'll take a look at a design trend that continues to gain momentum. Bunk rooms. They're functional. They're fun. They're here to stay, and style-wise, there's a bunk room for everyone!

I certainly don't consider myself a minimalist, but I find this bunk room from Thorp Designs in the UK so appealing! It feels clean, breezy and restful - a true retreat!


Is your style more Modern Glam? Then I think you'll love the bunk room below by Sophie Metz in Nantucket! The suspended bed is a great use of the space under the sloped ceiling.


There are no bunk beds in the bunk room below. Under bed storage provides the platform for each bed, which is so smart and clean looking. To me, this room has textural appeal with just the right amount of color.


The bunk room above and below are both from Tracy Hardenburg of Dallas. I love the use of color in both of these spaces.


If you're reader of design blogs, then you've surely seen the bunk room created by Grace from A Storied Style in the last round of the One Room Challenge. It's bold and fun and no doubt a huge hit with the kids!


Remember at the beginning I said there was a bunk room style for everyone? Here's one that's a little more grown up and sophisticated/romantic. I love how the drapery panels provide privacy and softness. Every little detail was planned out - did you notice the sconces above each bed?


Did you ever think it would be possible to sleep 6 in a single room so stylishly?


I'm currently working with 2 different clients on new construction homes that have incorporated bunk rooms into their new homes. And although this isn't a bunk room proper, we recently built and installed bunk beds as part of a Signal Mountain client's basement renovation.


So I think bunk rooms are here to stay. Would you consider a bunk room in your home?

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer