Design Trends 2016

Really? Just when we added all of that brass, tiled everything with white subway tile, and painted everything gray (or white) a new year comes along with new Design Trends?

Don't worry. The world of Interior Design doesn't change all that quickly - and even if there are some new things on the horizon you should really stick with whatever makes your little design heart sing. And if you simply MUST have some of the latest and greatest, it's usually pretty easy to work some trendy accents in with whatever you've currently got going on.

So first we'll talk about color. Pantone has revealed it's color forecast for 2016 and it's this ridiculousness:


Mmmmmmkay... Rose Quartz and Serenity. Shades of Donna Mills circa 1983.


No doubt this combo will go over about as well as last year's Marsala.

Benjamin Moore, on the other hand, announced that their color of the year is Simply White. I think Simply White is appropriate since white walls and white everything are still enjoying tremendous popularity.

So what else?

The trend I'm most excited about is the re-emergence of plaids and tartans. And that's not really anything "new". Design trends are mostly recirculated/reinvented trends of the past. We wait until everyone's nearly forgotten about them and reintroduce them so they feel new again. Pretty clever!


Tartan is as old as the hills but you have to admit that it feels pretty fresh in this little powder room.


Welcome to my dream home office. Note the plaid roman shades. WAIT - is that Serenity in here? It sure looks like it. And while it looks great in this space, I would probably NOT combine it with Rose Quartz in the same room, unless you're going for a Knots Landing Revisited look.

Another trend - although you can't really say it's a "trend" - is less junky painted furniture and more antiques.

Bring it.


No one does this whole Modern with Antiques look as masterfully as Ashley Goforth.

Finally, I think the use of raw and natural materials will continue to grow in popularity. No doubt a lot of this popularity can be attributed to Lauren Liess.


She has a talent for making raw, humble materials look modern and cutting edge instead of drab and frumpy- and that's not an easy thing to do.


See what I mean? I think she's single-handedly going to bring back 1970's chic - only way more chic than it ever was in the 1970's.

And so that completes my observations on Design Trends for 2016. Feel free to take it or leave it. If any of these trends speaks to your soul - I say embrace it! If it all leaves you feeling uninspired, then for heaven's sake, pass it up and stick with the things you love! Your home should be filled with things that lift your spirit, not a meaningless collection of trends.

Happy 2016!

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer