Don't Neglect This When Designing Your Space

When designing a room, most people focus their attention on the color palette, furniture, fabrics, rugs, and window treatments. Granted, these are all important design elements that deserve careful consideration. But there's one design element that is often overlooked - something that adds ambiance and greater functionality to any space.

It's lighting. And it's not just important for utilitarian purposes.


In the dining room above by designer Jenny Komenda, the mid century inspired chandelier is a major contributor to the eclectic feel of this dining room.

But a more refined fixture can be just as effective, as seen below in our Signal Mountain dining room project:


In the bedroom, why not consider removing your "builder's special" ceiling fan for a chandelier? (I have to admit that this one's a hard sell in this part of the country due to our long, sultry summers!)

Bedroom above by Sarah Richardson

Bedroom above by Sarah Richardson

And you don't have to limit your lighting options to ceiling fixtures and lamps. Swing arm lamps are wonderful for reading in bed and they free up space on your night stands.

Bedroom above by Lindsay Speace

Bedroom above by Lindsay Speace

In the image below, we used swing arm lamps on these bookcases in our Alabama living room project in lieu of table lamps.

Image above via my Instagram account (The Green Room Interiors)

Image above via my Instagram account (The Green Room Interiors)

I also love seeing lamps in the kitchen!


The lamps in the two images above stand in for pendant lighting. They're just as functional, but an unexpected choice for lighting. Lamp light feels more intimate, too!

So, when it comes to selecting lighting for your home, give it the time and care it deserves. Choose something that feels right for the mood you're going for in your space - and never settle for builder basic!

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