Pretty Kitchens That Are NOT White + Gray + Marble

Honestly, I do understand the appeal of a white kitchen! They're timeless, simple, bright, and clean looking, so I would never say it's "wrong". But with the saturation of the white/gray cabinets +white marble countertops + brass hardware + subway tile formula, I feel like there's a bit of a herd mentality going on where kitchens are concerned. Today we'll look at the colorful side of kitchens.


I love the warm, collected feel of this kitchen. The lower cabinets look like pine, which I love. And it proves you don't have to have all color everywhere to make an impact.


Above, a favorite kitchen by Andrea Schumacher. Yes, there's white cabinetry and marble countertops here, but there's also an infusion of color and personality!


I featured this HGTV kitchen last week when I blogged about scallops (note vent hood). I came back to it this week because the color palette is not the norm for a kitchen, and I like that.


I think yellow and kitchens are perfect together. Again, a little bit of color goes a long way!


Here is mostly white/marble kitchen with a very unexpected green painted floor, which takes it from sterile to friendly. And fresh.


Love the mint colored cabinetry with the rustic beams and chrome fixtures. Feels farmy and sophisticated at the same time.


Kitchen above by Nick Olsen. No white or gray cabinetry, marble countertops OR white subway tile to be found, and it's a little bit city mouse and a little bit country mouse. AND it doesn't look like every other kitchen on Pinterest.


Kathryn Ireland's kitchen. Mint cabinetry with touches of pink and mismatched lighting. Feels approachable,doesn't it?


I'll leave you with this image, because it proves that kitchens don't have to be all white and gray to feel modern.

The point I'm trying to make here is there is no right or wrong (mostly) when it comes to the design of your kitchen/home. If you love a gray/white/marble kitchen, by all means, you should have one! However, if you're happier surrounded by color, don't let what is trending on Pinterest dictate what you have in your home! Make it your own with no apologies!

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