Chattanooga Interior Design Project - Foyer and Dining Room

Hi again!

A few short weeks ago I shared a project I had just finished up for a chic young couple who hired me to help with the main living areas of their newly renovated home. 

Today I have the pleasure of sharing the dining room and foyer of their classic American home!  


Ok so in the dining room we kept the furniture they already had, which was a custom rustic dining table and a set of upholstered Parson's chairs.  During renovation, they added a very smart looking modern gold chandelier, which offered a modern twist on a classic design.

Here's what the dining room looked like when I came on board.  (I love their darling vintage chairs in the corner too!)


So a pretty good start, right?  I may have mentioned this in the previous post, but the clients have quite an eye for art, and bought a beautiful abstract painting while on a weekend trip to Atlanta.

Here's another photo of the room with the new piece of art in place.


The art is so gorgeous, and we wanted to make a few changes that would really celebrate the painting and bring the whole room to the next level.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Paint!!!  Those pretty white walls just weren't allowing this room to live up to it's full potential.

Here's where we landed:

Magnolia Vale Ln 377_Web_5.jpg

Behold the power of paint!!  This complex gray wall paint was just what we needed to compliment the painting and we added a fabulous vintage rug and vintage candle sconces to flank the painting.  And that's it!  Isn't it crazy how just a few simple changes can make such a dramatic impact on a room?  

On to the foyer:

Here's what it looked like on my first visit to their home.  A super gorgeous foyer that just needed a few personal touches.




And after

Interior Design Chattanooga

We repurposed their cowhide rug which was originally in the breakfast nook, added a modern round table to fit into the pretty curve of the staircase, and added a few classic accessories.  (The bust and candlesticks belonged to my client too!)

chattanooga interior designers

My clients had this enormous painting commissioned by local artist Vesela Baker, and it's the perfect counterpoint to the rustic bench that was handmade by my client's grandfather years ago.  We pulled it out of the master bath to it's new home by the front door and it's so unexpected and yet so right!

And so there you have it!  

We're all so happy with the end result and I'm sure our selections will serve them well for many years!!

If you're in the Chattanooga area and would like to get on my schedule for Summer or Fall of 2018, contact Kim at 423.653.3186 and tell me about your project!

Project Reveal - Interior Design - Chattanooga Living Room

Today I have an exciting  project to share with you.  The clients are an adorable couple who have a wonderful sense of style, but they needed some help editing down their ideas and staying on track with the design direction.   

When I came on board, they had already done quite a bit of renovations on their Chattanooga home and had done a magnificent job!  The kitchen, master bathroom, and flooring were all new, and most of the interior walls were coated in a bright, clean white. 

However, when it came to furnishing their rooms, they hit a wall.  So much energy spent and so many decisions made on the renovations left them feeling tapped out and a little overwhelmed.  Sometimes having lots of options is just ... daunting.

Style-wise, we were a great fit.  They have love and respect for the classics, but they also wanted to incorporate some design elements with a modern edge.  Bring on the mix!!


Here's how the space looked when I saw it for the first time.  Iphone photography isn't doing it justice.

The furniture was a mix of new pieces - which are very nice - combined with the vintage occasional chair - a family heirloom - and that cute vintage lamp.  

Here are few more "befores".


Again, a nice layout with perfectly lovely furniture pieces.  But, my clients were looking to make more of statement with their interiors that revealed more about who they are.  

And so we collaborated on ideas and an overall direction.  In the end, we decided to create a pared down, clean, classic space that was chic, eclectic, and of the moment.

OB-morales family room.jpg

They have room for 2 full sized sofas, and I suggested we do 2 mismatched sofas for a collected look.  One is slipcovered, the other is upholstered, and the clean lines shared by both pieces made them perfect companions.  Personality would be added with colorful pillows, a vintage rug, and some unique art that would be sourced by the clients - who were up for the challenge!

As you know, design is a process, so after a few tweaks and adjustments, the final space was a little different than what you see in the Design Board above, and we couldn't be happier with the results!

Where there were once 2 chairs we now have a comfy sofa and a fabulous wall of art, curated by my style savvy clients.


This is a photo I took before professional photography seen below.  You can see the mismatched sofas together and that the layout is pretty much the same.

Magnolia Vale Ln 377_Web_1.jpg

Would you agree that the art makes the space?  The clients did a fantastic job of sourcing the art for our gallery installation.  I had the fun job of placing the art above one of the gorgeous new sofas.

Magnolia Vale Ln 377_Web_4.jpg

Here's our slipcovered sofa.  My clients had the art piece commissioned and we just love the simplicity of the floating glass frame, particularly combined with the ornate gilt candle sconces.  Those sconces were part of my client's collection and I couldn't wait to incorporate them into the design plan!

Magnolia Vale Ln 377_Web_3.jpg

Yes, that is my client's vintage chair done up in a dreamy blue velvet.  And how cute is Wiley - he's such a ham and wanted to be in every photo!  Custom drapery frames the french doors to the fabulous veranda overlooking the golf course. We went the iconic Zimba from Schumacher for the fabric and trimmed it out in simple orange grosgrain ribbon.

While we were at it, we also tackled the little breakfast nook off of the newly renovated kitchen.

Here's a photo of how it looked when I came on board:


Again, they're off to a great start with those gorgeous floors, updated lighting and fun art piece!

Here's where we ended up:

Magnolia Vale Ln 377_Web_2.jpg

We kept the modern chair inspiration, opting for the sexy and sculptural Panton chairs in white.  A rustic table keeps things interesting by providing textural contrast, and the zebra hide is a little unexpected and just. so.  chic!  My clients fell in love with the bold blue painting instantly and I knew it would work perfectly in this breakfast nook.  The previous painting got relocated to their swanky new master bath.

We're all so in love with the new look, but more importantly,  I feel like the room really reflects their amazing personal style! And isn't that what good design is all about?

Check back again soon - I'll be sharing photos of the newly designed dining room and the foyer. 




Project Reveal - Interior Decoration Of A Downtown Chattanooga Condo

Today I have a fun project to share with you. It's a recent installation of a condo in downtown Chattanooga and it's a good old fashioned decorating project, meaning there was no construction or renovation involved -we just made the space over with new furnishings and finishing touches.

The most noteworthy architectural features of the condo are the high ceilings and the huge windows. This is always a winning combination, fostering a feeling of light and spaciousness.

Before I was hired for the project, the owners had just had the condo painted. Normally I spend a good deal of time searching for the right color; the color that will help convey the mood we're trying to create. But since my clients just spent a small fortune on the paint job, and they selected a neutral, cool gray (Sherwin Williams March Wind), I decided to work with the existing color so we could utilize the budget for new furnishings and accessories. Luckily, the previous owners of this condo invested in custom curtains. With 13' ceilings and lots of windows, curtains alone could have been a budget buster. Thankfully, the curtains we inherited were an easy to work with creamy white and were beautifully made, so we decided to work them into the design.

Anyway, the main level is pretty open, with this particular area being the lounging/tv area. How gorgeous are those windows?!?!! Here is how this area appeared when I came on board.


And here's how it looks now:

living green.jpg

Isn't it amazing how simply changing the furnishings (and a nice sunny day) can transform a space? I'm so crazy about that green velvet sofa. I love a single seat cushion - it's a nice clean look. It's also more functional because no one has to sit on the crack!


We utilized quite a few neutrals in the space, and I think the green adds some balance and life to the cool gray walls. The sofa color also helps bring a little of the greenery seen outside the windows into the space, making a subtle connection with nature.

The owners struggled with how to address the tall tv wall. This is a common problem. The armoire is tall, but that's about all it has going for it.


And here's the tv wall after:


We opted for a wider tv console to fill the space horizontally, and I flanked it with a pair of wide and low linen tufted chairs. The natural wood finish of the console adds some needed warmth and texture to this cool lofty space.


I hung a series of vintage garden maze prints above the tv fill up the tall wall. If you scroll down to the next photo, you'll see that just because you have 13' ceilings, you don't have to cover the entire wall. Keep things at a comfortable level.


The nearby dining area is completely open to the tv area, so we selected furnishings that would blend together. In a space that's so open, a limited color palette is the usually the best approach. Because you're seeing so much of the space at once, it's best to keep things simple.


The dining table is a mid century piece that was part of my client's collection. I selected these fully upholstered Queen Anne style chairs for an updated traditional look. I like how they straddle the line between modern and traditional. Looks like we're having pine cones for dinner. Haha.


Here's another traditional furniture piece that was culled from the homeowners furnishings. I found the mirror at an antique store and I just love the juxtaposition of the ornate gold frame against the modern architecture.

Below is another "before". I think my client did a fantastic job creating a symmetrical vignette, but I wanted to simplify the look and go with larger pieces. Can you guess which piece of theirs I repurposed?


Naturally, I reused their antique sideboard. I solved the awkwardly placed window situation by simply hanging a large piece of art over the window, and I edited down the furnishings and accessories. A pair of modern lamps and a floor plant in a basket finish off this area in a simple, sophisticated way. I'm crazy about the pinks and greens against the cool gray walls and I added a little more warmth with a gold floating frame around the abstract art.


Again, in the image above, notice that the painting above the sideboard is placed at a comfortable level.


I think this photo gives you a good sense of how open the floor plan is.


The coffee table is a textural mix of rough wood, slick ceramic coasters, and a touch of gold.

Thanks for taking the tour with me today! This was such a fun project with trusting, open minded clients.

As an aside, if you look at the "before" photos you'll notice that the trees outside the windows are dormant. This is because we started the project in very late winter and just finished up a few weeks ago. Not because there were any problems, but because things take time. Design plans have to be developed, custom sofas have an 8-10 week lead time, and design is a multi-step process. We all agree it was worth the wait!

My Junior League Of Chattanooga Designer Showhouse Bedroom Reveal

I know - a long name for a post!

Now that all of the work is done , I want to share photos of the room I decorated for the first ever Junior League of Chattanooga Designer Showhouse. Let me tell you this was an exciting/overwhelming/stressful/exhilarating roller coaster of a project, but I'm so pleased with how it turned out! I may have mentioned in a earlier post that I took the installation of my room down to the wire, so I didn't schedule professional photography before the Showhouse opened. As luck would have it, the photography gods smiled upon me because in the late afternoon the day before the Showhouse opened, in walked a vision of loveliness - aka talented local photographer Wagner Abercrombie with her photography equipment and amazing photography skills. Wagner was actually there to photograph the bedroom next door to me by Green and Lofty, but she agreed to shoot my space as well on that very afternoon. Wagner gets and giant THANK YOU and I also want to thank everyone for the kind and supportive comments about my room. And now for those of you who were not able to tour the Showhouse personally, here are some photos of my completed room.

jl bed.jpg

Hello. My name is Kim and I like color. The color palette I landed on for this space is mostly blues and greens. Because blue, green and teal (blue-green) are analogous colors, there's not a lot of contrast between them which helps keep the color palette from becoming overwhelming.

jl bed 2.jpg

The headboard is custom and is piped in blue. The roman shade valances are also custom and are trimmed in the same green taffeta as the curtain panels. Pillows are a quiet mix of buffalo check and Peter Dunham's Fig Leaf. To create more interest, I decided to shake up the symmetry of the bed wall by using non-matching end tables. The Furniture Shoppe here in Chattanooga provided the beautiful end tables, and they work perfectly here. (TIP: If you are using non-matching night stands with matching lamps, make sure your night stands are the same height).

jl bed 3.jpg

If you know me at all, then you know I have a lifelong love of Chinoiserie. I think it's the blend of nature, whimsy and sophistication that speaks to me. In any case, I incorporated a hand painted Chinoiserie inspired mural on the wall opposite the bed. Local artist Lydia Reynolds created this magic for me, and I am so grateful for her talent.

jl mural.jpg

A collection (my own) of framed butterflies is displayed against the mural wall. I am constantly inspired by the beauty of nature and I try to incorporate it into every room I design. I decided to use fresh cut leaves and wildflowers to bring in even more of nature's beauty in a way that's not too fussy.

jl bed 4.jpg

I also love decorating with vintage finds, so I decided to be true to my style and incorporate some vintage pieces into my bedroom. The gilt crystal chandelier is from my own collection and it adds a little sparkle and sophistication. I also like the contrast it provides to the simple, natural fiber rug and the casual slipcovered sofa (generously provided by The Furniture Shoppe Chattanooga). The key to a successful layered/collected look is finding the right balance of high and low, sleek and rough, old and new.

I decided to work with the built-in mirrored vanity wall and only changed out the hardware and styled the vanity. I added the raffia x-bench because the rough texture of the stool was the perfect contrast to the slick mirrored surfaces.

jl bed 5.jpg

More texture and more vintage items were used to style the vanity. Fresh cut branches of greenery bring warmth and life to this area.


Even though I love color, I like to temper it by incorporating a lot of white. White is a palette cleanser and it provides a clean backdrop for the stronger colors.

jl sofa.jpg

Here's another look at the Chinoiserie inspired wall painting. Wouldn't it be a treat to wake up to this scene every morning?

jl bed 6.jpg
jl end table.jpg
jl pillows.jpg
jl bed wide.jpg

Thank you again to the Junior League of Chattanooga for inviting me to participate and for all of the good work you do in our community! And thank you to the Furniture Shoppe and my drapery / upholstery workrooms for the fine work you do. You guys make me look good!

Also - This is the LAST WEEKEND that the Junior League of Chattanooga Designer Showhouse will be open. If you haven't had a chance to visit yet, I strongly encourage you to take the tour! I promise you'll leave feeling inspired!

What I'm Working On Now - Father Of The Bride House Foyer Plan

You remember the Father of the Bride House project I'm working on? It's a recent purchase of some favorite long time clients. The home was built in the 1920's and my clients are only the second owners.

real father house.JPG

She's quite the charmer, isn't she?

You'll be pleased to know that renovations are complete and my clients have recently moved in. Now we start decorating, which is really the most fun part because we start making the house into their home.

So what about the direction? Right from the beginning we knew that we wanted to honor integrity of the home while bringing it into the now. After all, they're a young family and their modern sensibilities should be represented too.

We're starting with the foyer. And what a foyer it is!

father stairs.jpg

There are so many wonderful period details. The floors are original, as is the mill work, doors, hardware - and it just oozes with charm!

father foyer.jpg

As you can see it's a generously sized space so it's the perfect opportunity to make a statement about the homeowners and what to expect as you go through the rest of the house. The challenge is to marry the classic architecture with modern style so it all makes sense together.

Here's what we came up with, and - happily - my clients have approved the design!

father moodboard.jpg

Currently we're on the hunt for a classic Sheraton style sideboard, which will anchor the design in tradition. The Sheraton sideboard is one of my absolute favorite pieces of furniture. Ever. Even though it's super traditional, the lines are so clean that it feels current, and it will NEVER go out of style. Other classic design elements are seen in the blue and white porcelain and brass/gold accents. To put a modern spin on the foyer, we added the antelope runner (which is installed and gorgeous!) a modern mirror, and a modern gold olive leaf chandelier. My clients wanted the house to feel comfortable and welcoming so we'll knock the formality down a bit with a seagrass rug and a few other natural elements.

I'm so happy with the direction we're taking in this period home and I hope you'll check back to see what we have planned for the other rooms. As we get rooms completed I'll share "after" photos too!

Thanks for stopping by!

If you're in the Chattanooga area and struggling with design decisions for your home, I can cut through the confusion and help you create a home that feels like "you". Call 423.653.3186 for details.

What I'm Working On Now - New Project In Alabama

Most of the clients I work with are in the greater Chattanooga area, but a few weeks ago I got an email inquiry from a potential client that lives in a small town in Alabama - about an hour's drive from Chattanooga. My first instinct was that I probably would have to turn it down, but after a phone conversation with her I knew it was a project I very much wanted to take on. You see, during our conversation my client was so enthusiastic and excited about working with me, and the portfolio photos she saw that spoke to her the most were the ones of my own house.


Naturally, photos of my own home are the truest reflection of my personal style - a classic/modern mix that is achieved by combining layers of design elements from different time periods.


I'm very much drawn to the whimsy of Chinoiserie (Asian) design elements, as is my adorable client. How could I resist the opportunity to work with a perfectly lovely gal that shares a similar design style? The short answer is : I couldn't!

And so we agreed to meet. Imagine how delighted I was to see this when I pulled into the driveway:


Hello gorgeous!

And while the inside is a blank slate, it's just full of potential! We're starting in the living room, seen below.


Another plus is that my client has really has a vision for the look and mood she wants to create in the space. Well intentioned friends have encouraged her to keep the palette light and neutral, but the heart wants what the heart wants. And her heart wants a rich, moody space with navy walls, built-in bookcases (they have a huge collection!) mid century modern accents, original art, and a little leopard.

Here's the mood board I created for her:


And we've already made our first purchase! I spotted this Chippendale sofa while doing some local vintage shopping and it's currently getting reupholstered in a durable, neutral fabric.


And yes, there will be leopard pillows.

I'll be excited to share our progress here on my blog (and on Instagram (thegreenroominteriors) as work moves forward.

I hope you'll check back in and watch it unfold!

If you're in the greater Chattanooga area and would like some help with the design of your home's interiors, give Kim a call at 423.653.3186 or email

From The Archives - Historic Restoration On Lookout Mountain

Just so you know, this is kind of long post, but it has lots of good pictures so I hope you can take the time to read it through to the end. Today we're going way back to a project we completed 8 years ago. It involved the total restoration of an historic home at the top of Lookout Mountain. Here's how it looked upon completion. From start to finish restoration of this house took about 8 months.

Isn't she lovely? This home was built in the 1920's. When we bought it, it had the original slate roof but it was in poor condition. We replaced the slate shingles with a asphalt and then we replaced the original terra cotta accents to stay as true to the original design as possible.

Here's a small, not-so-great photo of the house when we purchased it. Not our most horrific beginning, but definitely a house in need of a little love. The biggest change we made was returning this house to a single family home. When we purchased it, it was divided into an upstairs apartment and a downstairs apartment.

Here's a small, not-so-great photo of the house when we purchased it. Not our most horrific beginning, but definitely a house in need of a little love. The biggest change we made was returning this house to a single family home. When we purchased it, it was divided into an upstairs apartment and a downstairs apartment.

You can't see it in the photo above, but the window on the far right of the lower level had been replaced with a door that led to a stairway to the upstairs apartment.

Another big change we made to the exterior was the redesign and replacement of the front porch. We removed the obsolete brick columns and rebuilt the porch with wood columns, balusters, newel posts and steps. The windows and other architectural details were given more depth with some strategic painting in a cream, olive and black color scheme.


Yikes! Check out the mold from the old leaky windows and leaky roof on the right side wall. This is what the staircase looked like upon entering from the modified door on the porch. The steps led to the upstairs apartment. We opened up the wall to the left and turned the bottom portion of the staircase, as it was when the home was built in the 1920's. Here's what it looks like now - with the staircase restored and put back in its original location.


Most of the other rooms looked like the "before" staircase photo above in terms of damage and neglect. I'll spare you the agony of looking at a bunch of ugly before photos. Instead, feast your eyes on these "After" photos of the completed downstairs rooms.


The walls in the main living area are painted Benjamin Moore Grant Beige, one of my favorite neutral colors!


The mantel and tile seen here are original to the home. Most of the lighting is antique - it was restored and rewired for safety. Can you see where the original pocket doors slide out of sight in between the living room and dining rooms?

Here is the dining room with it's bank of four giant windows. Although these windows are replacements, they are wood and they were custom made to fit the original openings. Using wood replacement windows in the same size as the original maintains integrity of the home's architecture while making it a little more energy efficient. Isn't the natural light gorgeous in here? The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Hollingsworth Green. I love this color!


You can catch a small glimpse of the kitchen through the doorway. More kitchen photos below:


The kitchen was completely redesigned with a new layout, cabinetry, flooring, counter tops, and appliances. As you can see the wall oven had not yet arrived when we took these photos. To the right is a small addition we put on the back of the house with a pantry, mud room and laundry room.

In the photo below you can see where the addition begins by looking at the floor of cased opening. Lindsay replicated the original woodwork for a seamless look throughout the house. Walk-in pantry is on the right.


In the photo below you can see the addition on the back of the house. Rafter tails, windows, and trim are painted in contrasting earthy colors to bring out the outstanding architectural details.


Back inside the kitchen, antique lighting coexists with recessed lighting, modern cabinetry and appliances. Walls are painted Benjamin Moore Man on the Moon.


Upstairs, the biggest change we made was the creation of a huge master suite. We redesigned three rooms to include a master bedroom, a master bathroom, a walk-in closet and a sitting room.

Seriously. This is the "Before". (#ohmy!)


A wider shot is of the space is seen above. This is taken from what is now the master bedroom looking into the master sitting room. The arched opening was eliminated in favor of a wider cased opening. The photo below was taken from the same perspective, after renovation was complete.


How's that for an improvement? Floors on the upper level are Heart Pine.


This shot was taken inside the sitting area of the master bedroom. Another spectacular original mantel and original tiles were restored.

See those windows across the front of the house? Here's the view from this room:


The photo below was taken right inside the entrance to the master bedroom from the hallway. The name of the color I used in the Master Bedroom and the Sitting Room is Benjamin Moore Sweet Dreams. I think it's a perfect name for a perfect bedroom color! The entrance into the master bathroom is on your right. The sitting room entrance is out of range on the left. The chandelier is antique and I bought it on eBay.


And below you see the master bathroom we created from another room, which if I recall was being used as the upstairs apartment kitchen when we bought the house. The entrance to the master closet is just out of view on the right.


The bathtub is antique and is not original to the home. The sinks are reproduction and sadly no longer available. Lindsay did all of the tile work in this bathroom and throughout the home. This floor tile is available at both Lowe's and Home Depot. It's budget friendly and looks great with gray grout. I use this tile all the time! The lighting is antique and was rewired before it was installed. I love those big antique milk glass shades on the sconces.


The final shot from the Master Suite was taken from the entrance of the sitting room through the Master Bedroom and looking into the Master Bathroom.

And here's one last exterior shot:


I hope you enjoyed this little house tour as much as we enjoyed transforming this historic beauty!

I wanted write this post to demonstrate how much change is possible and to show of some of the work we have done, the quality of that work, and what we are capable of doing. If you live in the Chattanooga area have a renovation, home improvement or decorating project you're thinking about - large or small - we would love to talk to you about it! Call Kim at 423.653.3186.

What I'm Working On Now - Project Father Of The Bride House

Sometimes I get so excited about a project it keeps me up at night. Not in a stressful, anxious way (well, maybe a little of that too), but mostly it's visualizing the completed space, obsessing about the details, and just the anticipation that builds as the project progresses.

One project that currently has me giddy with excitement is the one I affectionately call "The Father of the Bride House". Why, you ask? Because this house is a classic American beauty, built in the 1920's, and just oozing with period details and charm.

If you've never seen the Father of the Bride movie, here's what the movie house looks like.

father house.jpg

You know that dream house we all keep in our heads - the most perfect house you can ever imagine? Well the one in my head looks like this, and I am so grateful that I've been given an opportunity to work with these clients on this project. And speaking of the clients - here's a little background info. They're long time clients who I adore. I worked with them on their first house and I'm so honored and humbled that they asked for my help on this project too. They're just an adorable little/growing family and the house fits the wife to a "T"!

real father house.JPG

Now you know what I'm talking about. It's classic American Colonial Revival - and it's a D.R.E.A.M. project!

Oh, and amazingly, my clients are the home's second owners. How rare and wonderful is that? It hasn't been stripped of it's abundant architectural details and it was loved by the same family for decades. So special!

Here are a few photos taken from my first tour of the house, immediately after it was purchased by my clients - in other words, the "before"s.

father stairs.jpg

Here's what you see when you walk in the front door. Those doors on the left side are the coat closet and the teeny tiny powder room that will be super special.

father kitchen.jpg

Definitely not original, but here's the circa early 1970's pristine kitchen. The footprint of the kitchen will remain the same, but it will have a completely different look.

master fire.jpg

The master bedroom, seen above and below, is on the main level and has a fireplace with a white marble surround and the most beautiful natural light.

master window.jpg

Just look at those windows!

father library.jpg

Also on the main level, there is a fully paneled library with a wall of bookcases and a wall of windows (not pictured, but completely gorgeous!). We decided this cozy library would be perfect for family time in the evenings and on weekends. Think comfy luxe sectional, an antique rug, a mod light fixture, lots of reading material and a flat screen tv.

living fire.jpg

Here's the original fireplace in the living room proper. You can see the entrance to the master bedroom on the left side of the photo.

Happily, all of the original solid wood doors complete with crystal doorknobs are still in the home. These types of details add so much character!


Below is linen cabinetry in a small upstairs bathroom. This was probably added in the 1960's, but we are keeping it and we'll be updating it with new paint and hardware. This little bathroom is shaping up to be one of my favorite spaces in the house.

upstairs bath.jpg

So this is what we're working with. It's honestly all so good and I'm so excited with where all of this is going.

Over the next few weeks I'll share our plans and some progress photos room by room.

You'll definitely want to check back in -it's going to be good!