Why I LOVE New Traditional Interiors

Raise your hand if you think Traditional interiors are a predictable mix of Queen Anne legs and a somber color palette.

Allow me to enlighten you. (Literally!)

Walking into Ethan Allen (or any other furniture retailer) and ordering an entire "set" of living room furniture has - thankfully - become a thing of the past, and today's Traditional interiors are a little less predictable and a lot more inclusive of diverse furniture styles.

This brings with it a whole new level of casual comfort - which is just one of the reasons I love new Traditional interiors.


Yes! Antiques will always have a place in Traditional interiors, but New Traditional spaces are lighter and fresher than the Traditional rooms of the past.


There's nothing stodgy or tired about this classic wood paneled den by Jeffrey Bilhuber. He created a youthful Traditional style by combining furniture styles (most of them quite Traditional by the way) and layering in vibrant textiles. I love this room because it has a fun, expected quality belies the classic design elements. And did you ever think you could use "Traditional" and "unexpected" in the same sentence - much less in the same room?!?

What does all of this mean to you and me?

Well, if you're investing in furnishings for your home, you can rest assured knowing that Traditional interiors have been en vogue for centuries, and this classic style of decorating will continue to stand the test of time moving forward.

Here's a perfect illustration of the timelessness of Traditional Interiors. This entryway by Nick Olsen feels comfortable, sophisticated and completely of the moment - and yet I think the same thing will be said of it 20 years from now.


Bottom line? A mix of classic pieces, antiques, and a fresh color palette just never gets old.


It's the unexpected details (lacquered ceiling, modern light fixture) that keep Traditional style fresh.


New Traditional - what's not to love?

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Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer