New Year/New Colors - The 2018 Edition

In case you haven't heard what the new "IT" colors are for 2018, let me enlighten you.

First up is Pantone's 2018 color of the year.

It's "Ultraviolet".

This shade, to be exact:


If you ask me, it's more of a royal purple.


Too much?

How about this:


Probably better in small doses.

Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year is equally bold and saturated.



I haven't had ANY requests for red walls in years nor have I had a hankering to incorporate them anywhere, but I have to admit that this Caliente room feels about as cozy and comforting as my Dearfoams on a chilly night.

Wondering what all of this means to you?

Well, it certainly doesn't mean you should swath all of your walls in Ultraviolet and Caliente!

BUT, if you're ready to take a step away from the pallor of all of those grays that have dominated interiors over the past several years, why not consider a few touches of bold color in small but meaningful doses.

Like coating your front door in Caliente.


It's such a gorgeous counterpoint to the soft white and turquoise backdrop. (PS: Note how beautiful Caliente was with the soft blue accents in the room photo above).

Caliente accents in this kitchen by Nick Olsen is en fuego. A little red goes a long way.

Whenever I see a room by Angie Hranowsky I love purple a little more. It's her signature color and she makes it work. Every. Single. Time.


So colors of the year for 2018.

Take them or leave them.

Your house. Your call.

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Justin Wood

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