In The Kitchen: Statement Hoods

Today I thought I would do an inspirational post about kitchen hoods. Although utilitarian by nature, hoods can also be decorative and can add lots of personality to your kitchen.


First, let me just say this kitchen by Rebekah Zaveloff is a favorite! The black, white and wood finishes are timeless. But that hood?!? Total scene stealer. I love the simple, strong shape and that band of brass around the bottom takes it to the next level. Side note: if you're still on the fence about mixing metals, this image should give you the confidence to forge ahead! (chrome/brass/copper)


Another gorgeous black and white kitchen from Rebekah Zaveloff. This time the tapered hood is covered in subway tile. The white tile lends a tidy, orderly feel to a kitchen. I love this look and we recently created a custom hood for a client that was covered in subway tile. Below is a photo taken during renovation:


Just the addition of the wood on this kitchen hood above (from HGTV Magazine) adds a wonderful textural contrast to all of the slick surfaces in the kitchen above. I probably would have chosen a different stain color for the wood, but I do appreciate the softness and warmth the wood brings to the space.


Another thing to keep in mind that statement hoods don't have to be loud and showy. I adore the simplicity of the hood above, and it's tapered, curvy form is nice contrast to the surrounding boxy cabinetry.


In the image above, the hood is simple in form, but the copper makes a strong statement and the weathered finish underscores the rustic feel of the kitchen. This is such a warm, comfortable kitchen!


I could not love this hood or this entire kitchen from Design Manifest more! The shape of the hood reminds me of a pagoda, and the brass band around the bottom is a little unexpected. I love how a classic material like brass feels so modern in this application.

Planning a kitchen renovation? I say forego the conventional microwave /fan combo and upgrade to a custom hood - and have some fun with it. Whether it's with shape, scale, materials used or a combination of these options, a great looking hood will add interest and personality to your kitchen.

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