5 Pieces for Your Home that You Won't Regret Buying

When decorating a room, it's easy to get lured in to buying things that are trendy.  You know - the "it" item  you saw at Target that all the cool kids have dotted throughout their instagram feeds.     Before you design your entire living room around that groovy macrame' dream catcher, ask yourself if you realllly love it, and if you think you'll really love it 10 years from now.

Decorating your home is an investment, and it's wise to choose the majority of your design elements that are of good quality and will stand the test of time.  

Here are my recommendations for decor pieces you'll never regret buying. Ever. 

1.  Vintage Persian or Oushak rugs.  

timeless pieces miles redd rug.jpg

In the room above by Miles Redd, the antique rug provides a starting point for the color palette in a room that is at once timeless and current.  That is the goal!  And a gorgeous rug can go with you from home to home down the road.

2.  Art that Speaks to You.

timeless art doesn't match.jpg

You should have an emotional connection to the art that hangs on your walls.  Don't buy a painting you're ambivalent about just because it has the same shade of blue found in your curtains.  Buy art that inspires and moves you.

3.  Antiques. 

It may seem contradictory, but antiques will always always have a place in fashionable interiors - whether your tastes run classic or contemporary.   (Bonus: beautiful pieces can be found at local antique malls and dealers at reasonable prices.  Keep your eyes open!)

Select pieces with straight, clean lines and minimal ornamentation for maximum versatility. 

timeless antiques.jpg

4.  Statement lighting

You'll never regret investing in a beautiful light fixture.  Whether it's antique or cutting edge modern, the power of a fabulous light fixture cannot be underestimated.

timeless light fixture.jpg

Great lighting doesn't always have to break the bank, as seen in this charming breakfast nook by Atlanta's Allison Allen.  The oversize paper lantern makes a big statement!

5.  An Ornate Mirror

This is another chameleon that works well in traditional or modern settings.  And an ornate mirror will work with any color palette!

timeless ornate mirror.jpg
timeless sarah ruffin costello.jpg

Statement fixture, unique art, an ornate mirror, and antiques coexist beautifully in a room by Sara Ruffin Costello with a decidedly modern approach.  This room is completely timeless and will be forever chic.

I hope this post gives you the confidence you need to invest in pieces that will grow with you and provide decades of enjoyment in your home!


This Sofa Won't Go Out Of Style. Ever.

As style-focused consumers, we walk a fine line between what's currently trending and what will stand the test of time. Especially at this point in history. We are flooded with so. many. beautiful images of cutting edge design on Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, TV and shelter magazines. It's hard not to get caught up in it and fall prey to the look of the moment.

And I'm not sure if that's money well spent. Instead, I think it's preferable to stick to the classics for the major furniture purchases. T

Today we'll have a look at a sofa I think will look good 20 years from now and will fit right in with whatever is trending in the design world.

It's the English Roll Arm Sofa. This would have to be my top pick for favorite sofas of all time. It's uber classic and yet it holds its own in modern settings too.


Not too feminine and not too masculine, the English roll arm looks great done up in solid fabrics (linen or velvet are top choices).


Above is the Glenlee sofa from Anthropologie. Note the turned legs on casters and tight back. This is an English roll arm in its purest form!

Are you more of a risk taker? Never met a pattern you didn't like? No worries! The English roll arm has you covered.


Photo above, note how well our traditional English roll arm mixes with the more modern companions. How I adore a colorful, eclectic mix like this - perfection!

Here's another happy, eclectic room that features an English roll arm sofa, this time in a fun floral print piled with pink pillows:


Do you like your English roll arm a little quieter? Fear not. Here's a slipcovered version that is relaxed and understated.

Finally, I'll leave you with a roundup of my favorite English roll arm sofas in three price categories:

(Damn) Good:


This is the Brampton sofa from the Robin Bruce collection by Rowe Furniture. It's American made, extremely comfortable and well priced. To further entice you, a nice selection of fabric options are available (including crypton). Mommies rejoice!

2. Better:

This is the Telford sofa from CR Laine upholstered in a fun and fabulous yellow zebra fabric. YOLO.

3. Best:


From Baker, the "Elements Long Sofa".

A few more inspiration images:



My Best Tips For Selecting Art For Your Home

Art can be intimidating. Because art is subjective, there are no rules to follow (mostly) and what appeals to one may not appeal to someone else. And so we get paralyzed. Mostly because we don't want anyone to think we have bad "taste", so in most cases we go with something safe (as in, the colors in this painting go with the colors in my pillows). Where's the joy in that? The art in your home should be so much more! Art should elevate how you live. A favorite piece of art will bring a smile to your face every time you see it, so it's worth taking a step outside of your comfort zone to go with something unique that really speaks to you. Choose art that touches you.

And so that leads us to the subject of today's post. Today I'm going to give you my favorite tips and suggestions for selecting art for your home.

1. Create Tension with Art.

I'm talking about the good kind of tension. Where opposing design styles are used together to bring out the best in each other.


This traditional living room by Lindsay Coral Harper features a modern abstract painting over the fireplace. Unexpected and beautiful!


My favorite is modern art with traditional furnishings or antiques. What appeals to me in the image above is how simple the abstract painting is in contrast to the ornate French writing desk.

By the way, this also works in reverse:


Antique painting in a modern bathroom. Opposites truly attract.


Here's more of that good tension in the image above. The ornate frame and classically styled portrait provide such amazing contrast to the minimalist decor.

2. A collection of related framed art makes a beautiful statement.


It can be framed maps, as above


Botanical prints

Or black and white photography.


When installing an art wall of related subject matter, hang them close together in a grid pattern with same sized simple frames and mats. If you like things neat and orderly, a grid wall of art is a good option for you.

3. Create Your Own Art

Truly. This is personalization at it's best. Observe:

In the image below I hung a wall of oversized family photos taken by my client. Not only is it a great and colorful way to add interest to this large wall, but it's an ever present reminder of the the good times they shared when the photos were taken.


Children's art is another great way to personalize your space with meaningful and colorful art. Children don't have the inhibitions we adults carry, and it shows in their paintings. The image below is an iphone photo I took of some children's art we used in a powder room makeover


And more framed children's art below found via Pinterest


4. Think Outside the Box

I hate overused expressions like that, but it's late and I couldn't think of a better way to say it. It simply means that wall art doesn't have to be a picture or a painting. In the image below we used a framed flag in my clients' family room. It's graphic and it references their love of sailing.


Fast forward to their new home, and the framed flag has found a home over their fireplace.


Image above via my Instagram (The Green Room Interiors).

5. Create a Random Gallery Wall

My taste in art is diverse and I love to collect vintage art. I also have a very white very long wall in my family room that is the perfect candidate for displaying said diverse art collection. All of this combined adds up to the perfect scenario for a floor to ceiling gallery wall of collected art. This approach to wall art is collected, quirky and organic.


I think diverse is the key word here, don't you? A few of the pieces are original paintings. The black horse portrait was a Christmas gift from my horse's former owner (over 20 years ago). There are framed vintage posters and Picasso print that was the first piece of art my parents bought as a young married couple.


I don't know who to credit for the image above, but it's a stellar execution of a gallery wall. It's collected, interesting and nicely laid out.

I hope this has been helpful to you if you're struggling with what type of art to hang on your walls or the best way to install it. The most important tip is to always buy what you love and it will bring you happiness for year to come!

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In The Kitchen: Statement Hoods

Today I thought I would do an inspirational post about kitchen hoods. Although utilitarian by nature, hoods can also be decorative and can add lots of personality to your kitchen.


First, let me just say this kitchen by Rebekah Zaveloff is a favorite! The black, white and wood finishes are timeless. But that hood?!? Total scene stealer. I love the simple, strong shape and that band of brass around the bottom takes it to the next level. Side note: if you're still on the fence about mixing metals, this image should give you the confidence to forge ahead! (chrome/brass/copper)


Another gorgeous black and white kitchen from Rebekah Zaveloff. This time the tapered hood is covered in subway tile. The white tile lends a tidy, orderly feel to a kitchen. I love this look and we recently created a custom hood for a client that was covered in subway tile. Below is a photo taken during renovation:


Just the addition of the wood on this kitchen hood above (from HGTV Magazine) adds a wonderful textural contrast to all of the slick surfaces in the kitchen above. I probably would have chosen a different stain color for the wood, but I do appreciate the softness and warmth the wood brings to the space.


Another thing to keep in mind that statement hoods don't have to be loud and showy. I adore the simplicity of the hood above, and it's tapered, curvy form is nice contrast to the surrounding boxy cabinetry.


In the image above, the hood is simple in form, but the copper makes a strong statement and the weathered finish underscores the rustic feel of the kitchen. This is such a warm, comfortable kitchen!


I could not love this hood or this entire kitchen from Design Manifest more! The shape of the hood reminds me of a pagoda, and the brass band around the bottom is a little unexpected. I love how a classic material like brass feels so modern in this application.

Planning a kitchen renovation? I say forego the conventional microwave /fan combo and upgrade to a custom hood - and have some fun with it. Whether it's with shape, scale, materials used or a combination of these options, a great looking hood will add interest and personality to your kitchen.

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The Wish List - Floor Length Tablecloth

I can't believe it but Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away! I love Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday because it's just about spending time with family, sharing a great meal together, and reflecting on all of the blessings we have in our lives. What could be better?

Hmmmmm....since you asked, what could be better for me is a Thanksgiving table with a floor length tablecloth. There's something so luxurious about a beautiful floor length tablecloth and someday I hope to have one for myself!


This image of Aerin Lauder's dining room that appeared in Elle Decor a few years ago sealed it for me. I especially love a big round table with a floor length tablecloth. The entire space is just magical.


Admittedly that rich shade of purple isn't for everyone (that took courage!) but the entire setting is even more luxe and cozy thanks to the floor length tablecloth. Also note the classic details like the bullion fringe at the bottom of the banquette and the tape trim on the tablecloth.


Meg Braff's dining room above as seen in House Beautiful features a vibrant yellow floor length tablecloth. I have loved this dining room for years.

Tablecloths can be simple:




or not a tablecloth at all!


Which leads me to another item on my wishlist.

Bookcases in the dining room. Don't get me started. We'll save that topic for another time.

Are you ready for turkey day at your house?

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A Good Alternative To Fiddle Leaf Figs

There is simply no denying the beauty and drama that a big, healthy fiddle leaf fig brings to a space.


What's not to love? They're sculptural, and they bring a little bit of nature in. Side note: that rug (!!!)


The big leathery leaves are textural and so beautiful!

The bad news is that I hear they're hard to keep alive. I haven't tried one myself, but I've heard the sad stories and witnessed the struggle in keeping them looking healthy and bright.

So if you haven't yet met, allow me to introduce you to the Bird of Paradise.


Big, leathery leaves? Check


Strong, sculptural form? Check


Mother Nature on the inside? Check!

And they're easy to find. I've seen them in the Wal Mart garden center and they were very reasonably priced.

Think you want to give it a go?

Here are care instructions.

1. Place your plant in a sunny location. They need 5-6 hours of sunlight a day.

2. Although they stay green year-round, Birds of Paradise experience a dormant period where growth will be slower.

3. Birds of Paradise are tropical, so during the warmer months they will enjoy a daily misting of water. (Mist once weekly during cooler months.) The same is true for their watering schedules. During the warm growing season, they require more water than when dormant. While dormant only water when the soil is dry.

4. Fertilize bi weekly during the growing season and just once monthly while dormant.

And here's a little bonus. If you keep your Bird of Paradise happy, it might even reward you with some blooms!


Happy indoor gardening!

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