Not All Neutrals Are Beige!

I get it. You're paying a lot of money to have your home professionally painted (or perhaps investing your blood sweat and tears a.k.a doing it yourself).

You: "If I'm going to shell out my hard earned cash, I want something that's going to look good with everything until the end of time!"

Me: "Okay, but can we look at neutrals that aren't beige? Or gray?." Or greige?"

You: (Crickets....)

It's true! There are lots of neutrals that are NOT beige or even kin to it.

Allow me to enlighten you.


Can you even imagine a more gorgeous color? It's soft, it's tranquil, it's timeless - it's pure happiness in a can! This is Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue. I wish I could take credit for the room - it was done by Caitlin Creer Interiors. Palladian Blue looks good with EVERYTHING! I dare you to find a color that won't work with it. It can't be done.


Here is a color I have used over and over and over again. I don't have any information on specific paint color or brand used in Stephen Fuller's entry above but you could get this look with Benjamin Moore's Guilford Green or Fernwood Green. YES, green is neutral, particularly this fresh hue. Think about all of the lush greens found in nature and how well they marry with everything from bark and stone to the most vibrant blooms of spring and summer. (#greenisneutral)


Okay, this one may be a stretch, but hear this - a subtle shade of lavender looks good with everything! (As demonstrated in this Martha Stewart space.) And she knows a thing or two about looking good. Need more convincing?


TIP: if you're one of those people that has lots of brown wood furniture, lavender looks phenomenal with wood tones! If you take my advice and incorporate a pale pale muted lavender, all of your friends will wonder when you got so smart and so stylish. (#paintchangeslives)

And just because I love you and because maybe you really just want a beige that looks good with everything, here are a few that I've used and wouldn't hesitate to use again.


This is Benjamin Moore's Bleeker Beige in a 1905 downtown Chattanooga home we restored over 12 years ago. I like Bleeker Beige because it's warm and toasty without those oppressive gold undertones. Side note: I'm all kinds of proud that even though I decorated this room over a decade ago, it still feels current. PS - that's Palladian Blue on the ceiling. Bleeker Beige loves blue!

And below, my other go-to beige, although it sometimes reads a little gray - Benjamin Moore's Grant Beige. Here you see it in a staircase in a 1920's historic home restoration we completed about 8 years ago on Lookout Mountain. Grant Beige is a chameleon, changing from beige to gray depending on the light. If you look at the top of the photo and the bottom of the photo you can see how different it looks because of the lighting. One thing that's consistent about it is that it always looks great!


Here is Grant Beige in the living room of the same house on Lookout Mountain. It's slightly grayer than Bleeker Beige, and it's a great neutral!

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Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer