How'd You Come Up With That?

Would you believe that one of the most frequently asked questions I get from new clients is about my company name, The Green Room Interiors? Everyone wants to know the story behind the name, so I thought I would address that here and now. I can't promise that it's the most interesting story, but since you asked...

First of all, green is and has always been my favorite color - and I don't expect that to change any time soon. Observe:


This is a downtown Chattanooga historic home we restored and lived in over 10 years ago. I chose green for the exterior (Benjamin Moore's Nantucket Gray, which I think should be called Nantucket Green for obvious reasons.)


Flash forward to now. This is our current kitchen with Scalamandre wallpaper in an apple green colorway. I love this particular green because it's so fresh!


Here is our current master bedroom with jade green walls. Benjamin Moore Spruce Green to be exact. I don't discriminate - clearly I love ALL shades of green!


And here's our current living room. Okay the walls are blue but the lamp fills my need for green. And so does my amazing vintage velvet sofa in a deep dark hunter green.


And speaking of vintage, that's where the other part of "green" comes in. I love to decorate with found items. So I'm "green" not so much in the hipster, low VOC way, but in the rescue it from the Goodwill because it's so cool kind of way.

And no, just because I'm The Green Room Interiors doesn't mean I only decorate rooms in green. Unless you want me to. Then I'm all in.

So that's my story!

If you're in the Chattanooga area and you would like some design assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me at 423.653.3186. I'll work with your favorite colors too!

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer