Wow Them With Wallpaper

If (like me) you are of a certain age, you probably made a pact with yourself during the 90's that you would never ever have wallpaper anywhere in your home again. Ever. Wallpaper was big in the 80's, and it was all well and good until it fell out of favor. Oh how we suffered through the monumental task of stripping it away and dealing with the carnage that was left behind (wall damage.)

But (as with the pain of childbirth), time has a way of softening the blow and allows us to reconsider that which we thought we had left behind. And so I ask that you cast your fears aside and revisit the possibilities of the wonderful world of wallpaper!


I mean do you really want to hide your head in the sand and miss out on the opportunity to enjoy something like this? I didn't think so.


I too thought I was "done" with wallpaper, yet here it is in my own guest bathroom.

Have a portion of a look at the wallpaper we used in a powder room in our Monteagle cottage renovation via my amazing Iphone 4S (hangs head in shame). Oh how I love the contrast between the white ship lap walls of the hallway and the patterned paper in the powder room. Tension = interest.


This is a powder room I designed for some wonderful clients on Signal Mountain. It has kind of a groovy vibe but the blue and white colorway is classic!


And in this sweet nursery I used wallpaper to make the crib wall the focal point of the room. Can you make out the Foxes in the wallpaper pattern?

I also have a few in process projects involving wallpaper.


The guest bathroom in our Ridgeside renovation is getting a bold floral wallpaper in neutral tones that has a watercolor effect. I paired the modern wallpaper with vintage style gray penny tiles for a look that's appropriate for the era of the 1920's but still feels current.

UPDATE: Here's an instagram photo of the above bathroom :


And I designed this nautical themed bathroom for a boy's bathroom at The Father Of The Bride House. (See previous blog post)


The bathroom design above is going in another 1920's era home. The pedestal sink, subway tiles and penny tiles work perfectly in older homes, and the navy and white color palette is so fresh!

And this just in - I got a few new books from my wallpaper rep a few weeks ago and there are some fantastic papers that I would LOVE to use somewhere.


This cheeky goblet print in black and white would be wonderful in a lackluster kitchen.


I adore this classic botanical themed wallpaper - complete with butterflies. It has an 80's Mario Buatta feel, doesn't it? Perfect for a powder room


This is the same wallpaper in another colorway. Pretty is back!

Are you ready to get back on the horse? Contact me at 423.653.3186 if you're ready to make those wallpaper dreams a reality!

Justin Wood

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