What I'm Working on Now - Lake House Living Room

Right now I’m working on a project I’m pretty excited about. It’s complete design project for a wonderful couple I’ve worked with on multiple occasions in their primary home on Signal Mountain. A few years ago they built a house on Watts Bar Lake for a weekend getaway for their active family and friends. I had the pleasure of working with them to select all of the finishes in the lake house during the construction phase, and now that the dust has settled on construction, we’re moving forward with getting the living room decorated.

Here is a list of priorities they gave me that guided our selections.

  1. Since my clients will be hosting multiple families with children, easy-care selections were imperative. After all, they didn’t want to be slaves to cleaning the upholstery nor did they want to be stressed out when kids with ice cream cones were in the house.

  2. My clients will host multiple families at the same throughout the warmer months, so they wanted to incorporate as much seating as would comfortably fit in the living room and dining areas.

  3. Since the house is surrounded by nature and gorgeous lake views, they wanted to keep the decor simple to allow the lake and the property to be the main focus.

  4. Their primary home is a brick Georgian style traditional home with very classic furnishings, and the lake house has a cottage vibe, so we decided that clean lines and natural elements would dominate the interiors. We also plan to mix in some classic design elements to give the room some longevity. #timelessovertrendy

In all projects I work on, form follows function, so I wanted to get the layout right before sourcing furniture pieces. The living room is a nice size, but not oversized, so it was important to pay attention to the scale of the furniture so we could incorporate as much seating as possible.

For the aesthetic, it’s natural/neutral with plenty of texture and high contrast.

df anz lake house textiles.jpg

Yum. Leather, wood, stone, and nubby textiles provide plenty of interest. Dark and light bring the contrast to keep the look crisp rather than frumpy. Fresh green stuff adds softness and life.

I love this direction!!!

Okay, here is our sofa selection. YES we’re going with the caramel leather!!! No, we’re not adding the nail heads. This sofa has such simple lines we decided to keep it pure and leave off the additional ornamentation.


Proposed additional seating in the images below - all smallish in scale but comfy and so so handsome. PLUS - easy to maintain!!

This chic rocker definitely fits the direction we’re taking, no?. Natural wood finish and that fabulous woven seat and back remind me I’m in a very special place  and  it puts me in a very mellow frame of mind.

This chic rocker definitely fits the direction we’re taking, no?. Natural wood finish and that fabulous woven seat and back remind me I’m in a very special place and it puts me in a very mellow frame of mind.


Leather woven occasional chairs. Easy care + comfy + so good looking!

Leather woven occasional chairs. Easy care + comfy + so good looking!

We’re going to add in some metallic finishes, baskets, greenery and place it all on a fabulous vintage persian rug.

Here’s where we hope to end up:

df anz lake house living room.jpg

Easy care finishes: Check

Seating for a crowd: Check

Simple,organic style with some contrast: Check

Almost forgot - the dining area of this open floor plan will tie in with the living room perfectly. They’ll share the clean lines, natural finishes, high contrast, and a touch of nature. Added bonus - the host chairs in the dining room can easily be transported to the living room and used for comfy seating as needed for super large crowds.

Do you see how important it is to plan your room’s design?

df anz lake house dining area.jpg

Currently we’re sourcing and ordering all of the pieces. Once we receive everything and I get it photographed I’ll post pictures.

Super excited to see this one come to life!

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Chattanooga Interior Design Project Reveal - The Upper Level

HI again!

In my last post I shared the reveal of a new home Decorating project for a wonderful family in Chattanooga. Today we’ll go upstairs and have a look at those spaces!

In case you missed it, the aesthetic for this home is light, bright, and simple. The clients’ previous home was very traditional and was decorated with an Old Word/French Country twist - which worked perfectly for that home’s architecture. However, my clients were ready to embrace a more pared down style in their new home.

At the top of the steps is a loft area. We decided to utilize that space as a media/game room.

Chattanooga interiors

A cozy sectional is perfect for lounging and watching movies, especially in an area mostly used by family. My clients love color, and the blue and orange color palette is a great counterpoint to the light and neutral wall color.

Dartmouth St 785_Web_2.jpg

My clients wanted to incorporate a game table into the loft area, and I was lucky enough to source this mid century modern game table and chairs from a trusted local antiques dealer. The chairs are fantastic quality pieces and we had them recovered in a sturdy fabric to work within our color palette.

Right off of the loft area is a bedroom that is used by my clients’ daughter when she is in town. Our selections in this bedroom were guided by her style preferences.

Dartmouth St 785_Web_4.jpg

We tucked a little workspace into this area under the eaves to make it as functional as possible. The floral print on the drapes adds some movement and interest to the room without dominating the space. I love this understated feminine print!

chattanooga decorator teen bedroom

All of the art was selected by my clients’ daughter, and she can add to this gallery wall as she collects more pieces.

The last space we’ll look it is very special. It’s a home office for the lady of the house, and I’m pretty in love with this room.

chattanooga interior design home office

This space represents everything my client wanted in her home office. It’s colorful, light hearted, a little whimsical, and eclectic. This room gets the most beautiful natural daylight and it’s a such a happy space to work in!

That rounds out the tour of this beautiful home! I hope you enjoyed seeing it as much as I enjoyed working on it!

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Chattanooga Interior Design Project Reveal - Main Level


Today I want to share a recently completed project that I’m sure you will enjoy seeing.

How about a little background info first?

I have had the pleasure of working with these clients on their previous home, and they’re great to work with. Not only are they trusting and decisive, but (added bonus) they had a pretty clear vision of the direction they wanted this new home to take! And speaking of the new home, it’s a downsize from their previous home and it’s a gorgeous newly constructed home that they bought upon it’s completion.

All of the finishes ( paint colors, cabinets, countertops, tile, stain colors, etc) were already selected when the clients made the purchase, and they provided a wonderful light and neutral backdrop for the furnishings.

The clients’ former home had an Old World French style of architecture, and although it was a beautiful home and a good fit for them previously, they were ready to embrace a lighter, cleaner aesthetic in the new digs.

Ready to tour?

Dartmouth St 785_Web_9.jpg

Like many of today’s new homes, the main level is quite open! We decided to work with the existing paint color (a light, warm greige,) and add color through furnishings and accessories. All of the furnishings you see here are new, with the exception of the nesting table set to the right of the sofa. The clean lined legs made these tables a perfect fit for our new direction!

Although there is no dedicated foyer, we created an area to drop keys and mail by adding a small chest near the front door.

Dartmouth St 785_Web_8.jpg

And here’s the opposite side of the room. We added a little drama by painting the backs of the bookcases off-black, which provides a stronger silhouette for the items on the shelves.

Newer homes that are very open don’t offer a lot of wall space to hang art, and we loved these prints from the clients’ previous home. Our solution? We placed them on the front of their built-in bookcases. I love a little of the unexpected!

The ceilings are very high in this area, and the topiary urns act as finials to each bookcase.

Dartmouth St 785_Web_6.jpg

This is the view from the front door, looking through the living room and kitchen into the dining room. The vaulted ceiling created a great opportunity for some design drama, so we capitalized on that opportunity and swapped out the builder’s fixture for this stunning gold showstopper. Yes, it’s large, but since it’s simple in form it doesn’t feel too heavy.

The Louis dining chairs are from my clients’ previous dining room, and they work perfectly in their new home.

Dartmouth St 785_Web_7.jpg

Here’s closer look at the dining room . The table and buffet have a slightly weathered finish, which contrasts beautifully with the modern art and contemporary chandelier. The overall aesthetic is very clean and simple, which makes a perfect backdrop for family dinners and casual entertaining!

The master bedroom is also located on the main level and it came with some wonderful architectural details. My clients opted to change the paint color to a restful blue. They had used this very color in their previous home, and it’s such a lovely color we were eager to incorporate it into their new home.

This room gets some beautiful natural light. We also love the coffered ceiling, hardwood floors, and tall doors. The chairs, bedding and pillows were brought over from the clients’ previous home. Everything else was selected to work with these design elements.

This room gets some beautiful natural light. We also love the coffered ceiling, hardwood floors, and tall doors. The chairs, bedding and pillows were brought over from the clients’ previous home. Everything else was selected to work with these design elements.

I think the takeaway here is that with some careful selections, you can create a feeling of calm and enjoy some color at the same time!

Dartmouth St 785_Web_11.jpg

We opted to create a fun, bohemian look on a main floor bedroom that is used by the client’s adult son when he is in town.

Dartmouth St 785_Web_12.jpg

A clean-lined low brass bed is flanked by vintage mid century modern end tables topped with smoked glass. The charcoal velvet quilt is accented with mud cloth and bohemian inspired pillows. The end result is completely appropriate for guests while pushing the envelope a little.

I hope you enjoyed touring the main level of this lovely home today. In my next blog post we’ll tour the upstairs rooms. Hope you’ll stop by again for a look!

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Creating a Restful Master Bedroom Retreat in Signal Mountain, TN

Today I’m sharing a recently completed interior design project for some wonderful Chattanooga clients I’ve worked with for years!

For a frame of reference, here are a few other rooms in their home we’ve had the pleasure of transforming with them.

The foyer, seen below, was recently updated with architectural moldings, fresh white paint, a new light fixture and new furnishings.

Stonepoint Ln 1_Web_3.jpg

Another fun project was this breakfast nook in the kitchen. We designed and custom built the window seat, updated the light fixture and furniture, and finished it off with custom window shades and pillows.

Stonepoint Ln 1_Web_7.jpg
Stonepoint Ln 1_Web_6.jpg

We then moved on to their living room seen above. New moldings, window treatments, a fireplace makeover and new furnishings all came together to create a welcoming space that’s comfortable enough for family but fancy enough for guests.

Our most recent project with this family was a makeover of the master bedroom. The homeowners were craving something light and simple. They were so pleased with the previous projects we had worked on together that they wanted to continue in that same vein.

Here’s quick photo of the room as it appeared before any work started.


We agreed that we would lighten the walls, add some interest to the bed wall with architectural moldings, and keep the palette light and simple.

Our clients also had a few pieces that were particularly meaningful to them and requested that we incorporate those pieces into the design of the room. And they love blue.

Here’s a mockup of the space I created to help them visualize how the finished room would look and feel. We were definitely going in a lighter, simpler direction with some textural elements. The mostly neutral bedroom would include accents of their favorite color too!

ob eftink master revised.jpg

And here’s the finished product!

Stone Point Ln 1_Web_2.jpg

The moldings add interest and importance to the bed wall. We went with a custom upholstered bed in a soft shade of blue accented with silver nail heads. Gorgeous and restful! Our clients opted for these stylish wall sconces instead of lamps. I love a dash of the unexpected!

Stone Point Ln 1_Web_1.jpg

Did you notice the ceiling color? We brought a little more blue into the space by painting the ceiling a lovely sky blue.

We were also able to incorporate their painting for another shot of nature inspired color.

Stone Point Ln 1_Web_3.jpg

The turquoise pottery vase was another special piece they wanted to incorporate. It was a found on a recent vacation and brings those memories back whenever they see it.

We also went a little bold on our fabric selection for the curtains. They’re silk dupioni and really create a feeling of luxury in their bedroom. The curtains are lined with blackout and are mounted on a traverse rod for greater ease of use. These little details really go a long way to create an exceptional space!

We’re so pleased with how this bedroom came together and I can’t wait to work with these wonderful folks on their next project.

Thanks for stopping by!

Chattanooga Interior Design Project Reveal - Living Room

Today I'm sharing the final photos of a recently completed project here in Chattanooga for some lovely clients who trusted me to create a home that was both  sophisticated and relaxed. In my last few posts I shared the dining room, foyer and breakfast room makeovers.  Here's a shot of the breakfast room:

River Gorge Dr 843_Web_4.jpg

Could this space be any more inviting?  Fireside dining accented with nature inspired accessories is pretty hard to beat!  My client's love of Chinoiserie inspired decor guided most of our choices - and those whimsical roman shades provide the right amount of color and interest.

I shared the photo above so  you could see how the attached family room ties into the color palette and the feel of the breakfast nook.  

Here's a little peak from the kitchen into the family room.


River Gorge Dr 843_Web_5.jpg

The blues and greens found throughout the home's main level are repeated in the living room, along with nature inspired accessories and some textural rattan pieces.  The alabaster lamp was part of my client's personal collection, and it works beautifully in here.

Before we move on, I want to share a  "before" photo of the living room


It's a fantastic space with great bones and more beautiful symmetry!  We were missing color, texture, and some personality to match my clients' vibrant personality.

River Gorge Dr 843_Web_6.jpg

Here again we took advantage of the wonderful symmetry offered by the fireplace wall  and added some color and personality with vibrant furnishings and art. We kept the symmetry going with these fabulous opposing green velvet sofas and Louis armchairs. 

Colorful books and accessories could have made this area too busy, so we kept the rug and everything in the bookcases neutral. Their texture provides plenty of interest. 

Did you notice we changed out the chandelier too?  The gold  lantern fixture is a much better fit scale-wise and the open design keeps it from feeling too heavy.  

River Gorge Dr 843_Web_7.jpg

These framed Chinoiserie wallpaper panels are the star of the show, and they are completely gorgeous and timeless.  We had them mounted on foam board and custom framed in very simple gold leaf frames.  Since they are casual in style, my client's existing rattan side table and the natural fiber rug are perfect counterpoints to the dressy sofa and art. Using a mix of casual and sophisticated design elements creates elegance that is comfortable and livable!

This was such a fun project and I'm a little sad to see it end, but it's fulfilling to know how much my clients are enjoying living in these new spaces and how much joy it brings them every day!

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Interior Design Project Reveal of a Chattanooga Living Room and Breakfast Nook

In my last post, I shared photos of a fun dining room project I recently wrapped up that really represents the type of work I love to do!  Here's the finished dining room:

River Gorge Dr 843_Web_1.jpg

We're so pleased with how it turned out and the rest of the home has a similar feel.

My clients and I share a love of classic design elements, antiques, and color mixed in with a few Chinoiserie accents.  As I mentioned in my previous post, Robin's Egg Blue is my client's favorite color, and since this dining room is right off of the foyer, we carried the Robin's Egg blue and red accents into the foyer's design - but in a more understated way.

Here's the foyer as it looked before:


So, I had a few things to work with when I started.  This altar table would remain as well as some of the small accessories. 

What was missing was color, and some personality.  Here's where we ended up:

River Gorge Dr 843_Web_2.jpg

I was able to re use my client's Chinoiserie inspired mirror that used to be in the dining room.  I think it looks great in the foyer over the Altar table.  And here's the blue and red from the dining room.  We used them as accent colors against the existing neutral wall color.

River Gorge Dr 843_Web_3.jpg

We swapped out the chandelier for something more whimsical,  and I just love the textural interest provided by those grasscloth chandelier shades.

The hand knotted, highly patterned runner is so forgiving - any little spots that are bound to happen just fade into the pattern.  I also like this type of rug because it brings a sense of history and tradition.  Don't you love it when form and function come together in such a beautiful way?

Finishing touches include a new lamp in my client's favorite color, the ceramic umbrella stand filled with a few of the their croquet mallets, and a lush fern to bring life and movement to the space. It's quite a dramatic change that was realized with a few simple changes!

Shall we move on to the breakfast nook?

River Gorge Dr 843_Web_4.jpg

Could this area be any more charming?  It's kind of hard to beat a fireside dining situation.

Again, we worked with the existing paint color and brought in tons of personality, beginning with these custom Roman shades.  A vibrant and whimsical print could have easily become overwhelming, but the simple tailored style of the shades keeps it in check. 

And let's talk about the symmetry for a sec.   When you have a perfectly symmetrical backdrop like this, I say you embrace it and keep the symmetry going as we did here.   Symmetry provides a feeling of calm and order - which is a good thing at the end of a busy day!

I have one more post of this home to share with you  - the living room - and you'll definitely want to stop by and see it.  It's one of my favorite rooms to date, so please stop by again!

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Chattanooga Interior Design Project Reveal

I'm so excited to share these images today!  This is a very recently completed project for some lovely Clients in the Chattanooga area who knew what they wanted style-wise, and completely trusted me to carry out the vision.  

The client and I share a similar design aesthetic - we both love color, classic design elements, and a little bit of whimsy!

When I was called in to help, my client shared that she had been working away at the dining room, and as you can see from the "before" photo below, the room was lovely!


Quite frankly, I wondered why she called me because she was already off to such a strong start!  It turns out she has an quite eye for great pieces, but she struggled with an overall "Big Picture" concept. 

My interview with her gave me lots of clues into her personal style and how to create the "wow" factor that was missing. I found out her favorite color was Robin's egg blue, and that when it was all said in done, she wanted the space to feel timeless but fresh.

She also wanted to retain the furnishings she had purchased up to this point, and I was happy to accommodate her request.  Her antiques are beautiful!

Take a look at the finished space!


River Gorge Dr 843_Web_1.jpg

As you can see, we managed to completely transform the space while working with the existing furniture - and a majority of her accessories!

We took a risk by painting her previously white woodwork in her favorite color - Robin's Egg blue.  We then took that color another step further by installing a fabulous sisal wallcovering in the same shade of blue. The contrast between the satin paint finish and the nubby grasscloth  provides just enough tension to keep things interesting - and it's such a gorgeous backdrop for her antiques!

Keeping her desired light and fresh aesthetic in mind, I had custom window treatments made up in a simple cream linen blend fabric with accents of cheery red.  The red is a little unexpected and adds a "happy" factor to the collected, layered look we were going for.

OK, extra points if you noticed that the mirror has been swapped out for this antique showstopper!  I spotted it at a local Chattanooga antique mall and knew it would be perfect in this space.  My client agreed wholeheartedly and it really makes quite a statement.

Did you notice the light fixture was replaced with an antique crystal chandelier?  It's definitely  an upgrade from the previous builder basic chandelier and adds some well pedigreed sophistication.

One thing I keep in mind with any space I'm working on is that a well decorated room is all about balance.  Crystal chandeliers and ornate mirrors create a feeling of formality, so we had the dining chair seats reupholstered in a playful animal print fabric to keep the mood fresh and youthful.


The spotted fabric is another unexpected selection that really updates these formal antique dining chairs.  Couldn't love it more!

I'll be sharing photos of the other rooms in this beautiful home, so be sure and check back in soon!

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Five Fabulous Foyers

Isn't that a clever name for this post?

Today I want to share five foyers that are from completed projects.  Two of them are from a few years ago, and I'm happy to report that they're still looking as fresh as they were the day we installed them.

Foyers are some of my favorite spaces to decorate.  They're like a calling card to the rest of your home.  Foyers provide a little introduction about what is to come, and since they're "pass through" spaces that you don't spend much time in, risk taking is encouraged - by me!  You're welcome.



What do you think this foyer seen above and below says about the people who live here?

It's edited, collected, and proudly displays some personal items.


Obviously the risk we took with the overscale abstract art paired up with the rustic bench was well worth the reward.  This grand foyer is timeless and chic - just like the people who live here!

Let's take a look at another

Signal Mountain Interior Designer

Can you gather a few any clues about my clients from the design of this foyer?  They moved to Chattanooga from the Charleston area, and they wanted to bring some of their coastal roots to their new home.  Bleached woods, organic materials and a soft color palette create a relaxed, breezy feel to their newly made over foyer.  We love it!

self foyer best.jpg

What do you think this foyer has to say about my clients?  Their home is in a mountain setting and they wanted their home to reflect its surroundings.  They're friendly, down to earth folks and this foyer sets the tone for the mood of their house - which is a mix of rustic, casual elegance!

Side note:  that painting above the console table was done by my clients' son -we had it reframed and it's the perfect personal statement!


Here's another favorite project.  It's a foyer from an historic Colonial Revival home in Chattanooga.  We took a risk with the antelope print carpet on the staircase but it's one of our favorite design elements in the entire house!  Antiques , botanical prints, touches of a cheery red and a few modern touches reflect my client's happy, playful nature.

I got one more for ya.  This is a very recently completed project.


My client loves Chinoiserie (Asian inspired) decor.  It's timeless and little whimsical, which allows this foyer to perfectly represent this fun and family friendly home.  

I'll leave you with a of my best tips for creating a welcoming foyer:

A table or chest of drawers with a basket or tray provides a great place to drop keys and mail.

A mirror in the foyer allows you to check your appearance before heading out the door, and it allows visitors to check themselves as they arrive.

Whatever your aesthetic, nothing beats a statement light fixture .  Don't settle for builder basic!

Take a risk!  A bold wallpaper or color choice is a great way to infuse your home with personality and wow your guests!

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